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June 13, 2024 Am on vacation through 12N June 25. Will attempt to monitor Email.



February 18, 2024

Cold callers: Except for an appointment, Please do NOT.  Start with a message to me at the "How to Start" page. Messages are in confidence. Verbal is reserved for  clients who have me on retainer.  This is so I can "keep up"!

I will likely respond with a list of questions meant to flesh out as to how your situation will be viewed by my OKC colleagues.  I am doing it exactly as does FAA.  I need you reply to each question and address each, ON YOUR FIRST REPLY.  If you display a problem solving attitude, we might continue. If you don't, I have to move on, as do you.

‚ÄčThis is the webpage of  Bruce Chien, Senior AME. I'm a full-time "complex case" AME and have been doing this since 1999, full time since 2010. I've had the honor of serving on AOPA's Board of Aviation Medical Advisors, and in so serving have become intimately familiar with the federal view of Aviation Medical Certification, as well as knowledgeable with our Federal Certification officers  in Oklahoma City. It's been an honor.

Please note that though I am currently near capacity,  I do have a few slots for new complex situations, as I have had some graduates!  And, I can nearly always accomodate the "well pilot" (no complexity).

If we have an established relationship, fear not. I cannot continue to try to help everyone at the door. I clearly have to evaluate the amount of FUTURE time that engagement in your situation will demand, and I clearly DO continue to take on new pilots. But to those I can't budget enough time, to those folks, I'll try to offer good general advice via email, but can do no more.  There will be some selection going on. I do, continue to accept some new cases!

Bruce B Chien MD



106 S Clow Int'l Parkway, Ste E

Bolingbrook, IL 60490

Difficult Aviation Medical

Certifications (normal ones, too!)

December 15, 2023

Comcast email is now totally nonfunctional. I am now having to rely on an alternate Email address, and if I post it here, the "bots will clobber me.  Messages in "the box" on "how to start" ARE, however still getting to me!