This is the webpage of  Bruce Chien, Senior AME. I'm a full-time "complex case" AME and have been doing this since 1999, full time since 2010. I've had the honor of serving on AOPA's Board of Aviation Medical Advisors, and in so serving have become intimately familiar with the federal view of Aviation Medical Certification, as well as knowledgeable with our Federal Certification officers  in Oklahoma City. It's been an honor.

Coming location change!

Beginning  near July 1, 2017 my office will move to 106 S. Clow International Parkway Ste E, Bolingbrook, IL 60490, at 1C5. Tel. and e-mail addresses will remain unchanged. Until that time 1320 W Bird Blvd, Peoria, IL, 61615,  will remain the home office.  Stay tuned.


1320 W Bird, Peoria, IL 61615  (in the 3MY FBO, the "home office")

6100 Dirksen, Peoria IL 61607 (KPIA terminal)

PLEASE, no mail to this address!

Bruce B Chien MD



1320 W Bird Blvd (and  6100 W Dirksen, 61607)

Peoria, IL 61615 

Difficult Aviation Medical Certifications (normal ones, too!)