How to Start:

It's usually best to open communication with an email. Please use your full name, it's a courtesy!   The written form does force one to think clearly as to the how and when we got here. But that's not STRICTLY necessary. Voice is catch as catch can (see "contact"), but usually much more real information can be contained in a  paragraph. Remember the entirety of a federal certification submission writing, text and graphics.

I don't charge to discuss your situation via email, or to assess how deep (or shallow) the "do-do") is. I do charge $450 (depends on complexity) to review your documents, and to advise your doctors, which is treated as a "disappearing" retainer. I work hourly for "work time" against the $450, and rarely (but it may) exceed $600 total.  We then advise your physicians as to EXACTLY what is needed and why, or the form in which it should take. This has unfortunately increased as the agency's requirements keep getting more and more "dense".   The actual Physical Exam  is currently $140, but will go to $150 (as of 12 July 2023 as inflation has been killer);  it  is usually necessary, if I need standing to interact with the agency on your behalf (see next paragraph).  Psychiatry issues, and multiple issues start at $450.  This is a RETAINER as I can never recover "setup", and includes about a hour of True "work".

I have come to the conclusion that for my survival I can only call the agency on behalf of the revenue airmen. If you are nonrevenue, the sole focus of our interaction will be to produce an application and record that should be approvable on  the first try. That benefits both you and CAMI. I will however, instruct you on how to become an "interested Airman", however.

Please note that the day and age of proximate review for third class is past.

I DO tell you to engage an attorney if you have lied or omitted, in a substantial way. I will communicate with your counsel. However, frequently, if an omission is inadvertent, you should know that if it does not involve substance or alcohol, FAA will rarely refer your case to the General Counsel, preferring to be reassured that you are FIT to fly.


And, yes, your 1986 possession count DOES get considered by the FAA. Just because it has been expunged, beware, "expungement" is a STATE law notion. It exists, findably, at the agency.  Read the question, it does not say, "is there record of". It says, "have you ever, in your life...." If you have any doubt, just think about how it was that Martha Stewart went to club fed.

Lastly, an accurate indicator of LACK OF SUCCESS, is if, after we setup to work out your issues, you say, "Oh and by the way there is this other thing....".  If you do that to me, I will terminate the effort.  Be upfront or this will not work out.