‚ÄčHow we work:

The current difficulty is that the agency is strapped with resources for about 15,000 special issuances, with about 30,000 in system. Thus the response to any document or inquiry, by OMB report, averages 62 working days, or about 85 calendar days. Thus it become important to "get it right" on the first pass.

Since mid 2014, the rules for getting file approval have tightened. There is now no such thing as a telephonic approval on a nonrevenue applicant. So it becomes even more important to "get it right" on the first pass....or make no such pass at all.

How can the result be know before submission?  Detail, detail, detail, and a thorough knowledge of the current thinking of the Civil Aeromedical Institute. A knowledge of the external experts use by FAA and their take on the many subjects, also helps.

Unlike the various large "PMS" vendors, an actual AME doing the co-ordination work and guiding your physicians actually has standing to call the agency on your behalf. This is very different from receiving a list of data to obtain/submit. This saves WEEKS and WEEKS of time while your aircraft sits on the ground.

NO APPLICATION IS SUBMITTED until we are comfortable with the risks. This is especially important if you are concerned about LSA privileges. For those of you in the business, this service is rather like ALPA medical, except that I can actually issue the certificate much of the time.  No, a single loss of consciousness is not necessarily the end. I have many airline guys flying with Atrial Fibrillation, designated pilot examiners, too. Usually it's a matter of proper documentation. Lastly for those of you who know about HIMS, your sponsor can be local.

Color Vision Issue?  Not only can we assess your chances at the abnormal color vision practical test, but we can participate in your preparation. There's also a new addition, as well- a Farnsworth Lantern.


WARNING: Have a problem solving mentality when we work together. If you have the attitude, "Why do I have to do that, it's not necessary", we will not succeed, and/or I will refuse further work on your behalf. If I say, "the imaging really is poor" and you say, "I already sent you that, a perfect scan" should be met with, "I'll send a better scan". This is about getting over the summit, not "to what I am entitled". Believe it or not, I have encountered this, and RECENTLY. Remember, In the federal system, you are entitled to MAKE YOUR CASE. So, let's make the case!

Second Caution 08/12/2016: I will not be badgered by a pilot. I have recently encountered two very distasteful pilots who despite my repeatedly telling them their charts had not been reviewed due to lack of payment continued to insist on priority ahead of pilots who have retained me. One kept insisting "that I review". You know who you are. Pilots who have retained me have priority over you. It is your responsibility to retain me. I ask for payment by trackable US mail, and if you fail to do that, I will correspond but AFTER payment is received. If you do not respect the other pilots you will be dismissed.

Third Caution: Ladies, the exam is a noninvasive as you can get. However in these crazy times, the exam in which I slide my Stethoscope under the blouse, and have one oblique look so that I can't miss a CABG scar,  This WILL BE MP4'd, and you WILL sign a consent, and if you wish you may have a copy.  This a term of service as I have no other defense against and suggestion of inappropriate behavior.  It's RARELY an issue but this IS A TERM OF SERVICE.  Sadly,  It's always somebody.....and you DO have to pee in the cup, and you do have to be weighed.

Fourth Caution: Be upfront.  You are a total package to the FAA, so be upfront.  HIMS candidates: particularly this is about truthiness, to yourself and to me.  If I have to read about your new (to me) condition in a medical record, that's "not good" and we may be parting ways.